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User Guides


You need to get an account to start using the LetKnow platform.

Good news! The registration process has never been that simple. Your brand new LetKnow account is a few clicks away!

Signing-Up for LetKnow Account

  1. Go to our Home Page and click Get Started to sign-up for LetKnow account


  2. Fill-in the simple sing-up form


  3. Hit Sign-Up to complete registration!


  4. If you got everything right, you will get a welcome note like this:


  5. Read through and hit I agree to our Policy Terms



You are now one step away from you brand-new LetKnow account!

Check your email inbox for our Confirmation Instructions letter and click Confirm my account hyperlink to verify your email address and get redirected to your LetKnow account settings.

User Profile

In the upper-right corner of the screen hover over the User Profile icon and click Profile to get to your account settings cabinet.


User Profile Settings

Profile Info

Profile Info configurations section allows you to set up your personal account information and the profile photo.


IMPORTANT: please note, that all fields are mandatory.

Click Update Profile to apply changes


Contact Info

Profile Info configurations section allows you to set up your personal contact information that you wish to be available to the Platform users.

Set up your preferred communication mode using Better contact me by options:


Click Update Profile to apply changes


Email and password

This user profile section allows to set and configure your contact email address and user account password.

Opening Hours

Here you can set your opening hours.

Opening hours are Days and Hours you want your trade advertisements to be available on the LetKnow BB.

Please make sure you are available for communication within your opening hours.

Payment methods

In this user profile section you can specify all the payment methods you will be using for trading.

All payment methods are divided into several main categories.

IMPORTANT: please study all the payment methods' categories and make sure you understand everything prior to making trade advertisements

Payment Methods

Seller is the most vulnerable trade party when trading a cryptocurrency because the blockchain transactions are irreversible.

We recommend studying payment methods and their risk categories prior to picking one for your transactions.

IMPORTANT: LetKnow Escrow service serves to protect both trade parties and ensure they meet the trade deal obligations

Risk Category

In the world, there are plenty different payment methods and payment service providers for online payments. Not all of them share the same high security standards nor suitable for cryptocurrency exchange transactions.

IMPORTANT: the payment method risk we are talking about is the risk of the online transaction being rolled back (reversed, chargebacked).

Risk CategoryDescription

Online transaction can be reversed after funds have been transferred to the Seller's account.

Transaction can be rolled back months after it took place.

Fraudulent activity has been reported.


Online payments can be reversed.

Verify trade party personal information and trade rating before proceeding.

SafeOnline payment is hard to reverse.

Little or no information.

Make research before proceeding.

Payment MethodDescriptionRisk Category
Specific bank transferTransfers between same bank accountsHigh
Local bank transferTransfer from your local bankHigh
SEPASingle Euro Payments Area (SEPA)transfers.High
Depositing cash to accountATM deposit cashHigh
SwishSwedish Kromes mobile transfersHigh
QIWIQIWI mobile transferHigh
M-PESA Kenya (Safaricom)Mobile transfers in AfricaHigh
AltcoinsAny other cryptocurrency than BitcoinHigh
SWIFTInternational bank transferMedium
MobilePay FIMobile transfers in FinlandMedium
IMPSBank transfers in IndiMedium
Interac e-TransferOnline transfers in CanadaMedium
PingitMobile transfers in the UKMedium
PaymMobile payments serviceMedium
PYCMobile payment service in ScotlandMedium
Western UnionInternational cash transfersMedium
PostePayItalian online payments serviceMedium
MoneygramInternational cash transfersMedium
Post orderPost Service payments in the USA and the UKMedium
RIAInternational cash transfersMedium
XoomUS-based international payments serviceMedium
MobilePayMobile transfers in EUMedium
NetSpend Reload PackNetSpend couponsMedium
MobilePay NOMobile transfers in NorwayMedium
Walmart 2 WalmartCash transfers between Walmart stores locationsMedium
Serve2ServeDebit cards transfer serviceMedium
Yandex.MoneyMobile transfers in the post-soviet countriesMedium
Hal-cashInternational mobile transfers redeemable in cash worldwideSafe
VippsMobile transfers to Norwegian mobile phone numbersSafe
Cash by postCash transfers by postSafe
Chase QuickpayChase payment serviceSafe
OKPayInternational bank and cash transfersSafe
PaypalInternational payment service providerSafe
WebMoneyInternational payment service providerSafe
Moneybookers/SkrillInternational payment service providerSafe
NetelleInternational payment service providerSafe
Bank checkPersonal bank cash checkSafe
VenmoMobile transfers in the USASafe
DwollaInternational mobile payment service providerSafe
Perfect MoneyInternational payment service providerSafe
CashUInternational payment service providerSafe
PaySafeCardInternational payment service provider in EUSafe
PayzaInternational payment service providerSafe
Other debit cardsPre-paid debit cardsSafe
Google WalletTransfers between Google WalletsSafe
Amazon gift card codeAmazon gift card codeSafe
VanillaDebit card transfersSafe
PayPal My CashPayPal account replenishment couponsSafe
SolidTrustPayInternational payment service providerSafe
Apple Store gift cardApple Store gift card codeSafe
Steam gift cardSteam gift card codeSafe
Square CashMobile transfers in the USASafe
Credit cardCredit card paymentsSafe
ReloaditDebit cards paymentsSafe
Walmart gift card codeWalmart gift card codeSafe
eBay gift card codeeBay gift card codeSafe
Starbucks gift card codeStarbucks gift card codeSafe
EcoCashMobile transfers in AfricaUndefined
PayTMMobile transfers in IndiaUndefined
LydiaMobile transfers in FranceUndefined
AlipayOnline transfers in ChinaUndefined
SuperflashDebit card payments in IndiaUndefined
AstroPayOnline payments service in the Latin AmericaUndefined
M-PESA Tanzania (Vodacom)Mobile transfers in AfricaUndefined
BPAYPayment Service Provider in AustraliaUndefined
TransferwiseInternational Payment Service ProviderUndefined
PayeerInternational Payment Service ProviderUndefined
advcashOnline wallet service providerUndefined
hyperWALLETOnline Payments Service Provider in CanadaUndefined
Tigo-Pesa TanzaniaMobile transfers in AfricaUndefined
PayoneerOnline Payments Service ProviderUndefined
OneCardPre-Paid debit cards service in Arab countriesUndefined
PaxumOnline Payments Service ProviderUndefined
WeChatMobile transfers service providerUndefined
EasypaisaMobile transfers service provider in PakistanUndefined
WorldremitOnline Payments Service ProviderUndefined

LetKnow Wallets

LetKnow Wallet is a mobile desktop application. LetKnow Wallet can be used to store, exchange and also to make payments in crypto coins.

LetKnow Wallet as a service is integrated in all LetKnow ecosystem services:

  • LetKnow Trading
  • LetKnow Exchange
  • LetKnow Net
  • LetKnow Messenger
  • LetKnow Pay
  • LetKnow Advertising

Types of LetKnow Wallets

We offer our users two types of wallets: My Wallet and Deal Wallet.

My Wallet

My Wallet is a personal traditional cryptocurrency wallet. You can keep different cryptocurrencies in your wallet, generate new addresses, make and receive transfers.

Funds, that you keep on your LetKnow Wallet you may use as within the LetKnow ecosystem as for the external transactions and payments.

Deal Wallet

Deal Wallet is intended for trading transactions. You can use your Deal Wallet to buy or sell cryptocoins on the LetKnow BB, LetKnow Exchange or LetKnowTrade platforms.

You need a Deal Wallet to send and receive cryptocoins for the transactions you perform on trading platforms.

NOTE: you can transfer funds freely between your LetKnow Wallets

Operations with LetKnow Wallets

Wallet Cabinet

Go to My Wallets and click on any wallet to get to the wallet cabinet.

From the wallet cabinet you can perform transfers, check the wallet balance and the transaction history and change the wallet’s settings.

Create My Wallet

To create a new LetKnow Wallet:

  1. Go to My Wallets under Wallets tab on the home page


  2. Click New wallet


  3. Fill-in the registration form
    1. Enter a New Wallet name
    2. Select a cryptocurrency from the list. Only one cryptocurrency is assigned for each wallet.
    3. Enter and Confirm a Wallet Password.


  4. Click Save wallet to submit or Cancel to reject

Go to My Wallets to preview your newly-created LetKnow Wallet.

NOTE: save and keep safe the wallet password, that you have entered at registration. You will need it to make transfers from your wallet.

Refilling Wallet

Your LetKnow cryptocurrency wallet can be replenished by transferring cryptocoins from another cryptocurrency wallet (yours or belonging to anyone else).

To send cryptocoins to your wallet, you need to provide your wallet address to the payer (the person who will be making a transfer or payment).

  • Click on your wallet to get to the wallet cabinet
  • In your wallet cabinet you will find the shaded area with the wallet encrypted address


  • Click Copy to copy the wallet address to the clipboard and send it to the Payer to make a transfer

Please note: the wallet address changes after each transaction for security purposes.

Please note: the minimum amount you can receive on your LetKnow Wallet is an amount of the deposit fee. Go to Commissions and Fees for more information.

Normally, it takes no longer than one hour to receive the transfer on your wallet from the external source. Transactions within the LetKnow ecosystem are processed immediately.

To check the transaction status:

  1. Go to BlockCypher or any other resource, that provides live information on the blockchain transactions
  2. Type in your wallet address to inquire the detailed information on all the incoming/outgoing transactions on your wallet
  3. In case your transaction receives at least one confirmation, the funds are most likely to be on your wallet balance
  4. In case your transaction has received six confirmations and the funds are not reflected on your wallet balance, contact customer support for assistance

Making Transfers with LetKnow Wallet

You can make payment or transfer cryptocoins from your LetKnow Wallet to external recipients or your own wallets, including LetKnow Deal Wallets.

Refilling Deal Balance

To refill your LetKnow Deal Wallet from your regular wallet:

  • Go to My Wallets and click on any wallet with the sufficient balance
  • In the wallet cabinet click the Refill deal balance to make a refill
  • Fill in the necessary refill amount and your wallet password.This is the password your entered when registering your wallet.

Transfers within the LetKnow ecosystem come into effect immediately.

You can check your Deal Wallet balance right after you click Refill deal balance button.


Sending cryptocoins

You can use your LetKnow Wallet to transfer cryptocoins to other external crypto wallets or your own wallets.

  • Go to My Wallets and click on any wallet with the sufficient balance
  • In the wallet's cabinet click Send to make a transfer


  • Enter the transfer amount and your LetKnow Wallet password that you entered when registering your wallet.
  • Enter the source wallet address. Request this address from the wallet owner in case it was not provided to you by other means.
  • Confirm you wallet password and click Send to submit the transfer.


Normally, it takes no longer than one hour to receive the transfer on your wallet from the external source. Transactions within the LetKnow ecosystem are processed immediately.

Deal Wallet

You need a Deal Wallet to sell and/or buy cryptocoins on any LetKnow financial resource: LetKnow Bulletin Board, LetKnow Trade or LetKnow Exchange.

Each Deal Wallet is assigned one cryptocurrency type.

When you want to sell cryptocoins, you need to refill the appropriate Deal Wallet.

When you buy cryptocoins, the purchasing volume will be transferred to your Deal Wallet.

You can withdraw funds from your Deal Wallet to any classic cryptocurrency wallet any time.

Go to Deal Wallets under Wallets on the home page to get Deal Wallets cabinet


Click any deal wallet to get to the deal wallet cabinet.

In your Deal Wallet cabinet, you can check you deal wallet balance and make a transfer to your other wallet or any other external wallets when making a trade deal.

  • In the Deal Wallet cabinet click Send to make a transfer


  • Enter the transfer amount and the address of the external wallet.
  • Select a wallet from the list to make a transfer to your own wallet.
  • Click Withdraw to submit the transfer.


Wallet Balance

  • Go to Deal Wallets under Wallets on the home page to get Deal Wallets cabinet
  • Click any deal wallet to get to the deal wallet cabinet
  • In the wallet cabinet you can see the available balance and the blocked balance
  • The blocked balance reflects the transactions volume that is blocked by the LetKnow Escrow service

The blocked balance will be gradually releasing as your trade deal volume diminishes. You can remove your trade ad to release the whole blocked balance at once.