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ICO Escrow

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Service which builds trust between companies and investors

The ICO market continues to grow rapidly, competition among projects is growing, and it becomes increasingly difficult for investors to find promising startups that will achieve the project's goals and will not disappear with the raised funds. Demand generates supply, so integrated solutions that help startups to organize turn-key ICO and escrow services that allow building a transparent relationship between project founders and investors are vital for the market.

Technical solution which automates the whole ICO and fundraising process

ICO escrow is a powerful security warranty that helps to build trust between companies and investors, keeping projects on track. LetKnow sets up, deploys and monitors ICO escrow to make initial offerings more secure, predictable and profitable.

Our ICO escrow services ensure maximum transparency of funding for both the business and its investors.

ICO Investors who use LetKnow escrow services would transfer their funds to a multisig wallet, instead of directing to the project team. LetKnow would then select experts who are most relevant to the particular ICO project. The selected experts would monitor the project against the milestones outlined in its white paper. Once a milestone has been reached, LetKnow would release the funds for the next stage of the project.

Those are just a few to mention. Most exchange platforms address just some of them, which leads to unhappy clients, low trading volumes and poor scalability.

For investors

Maximum security and safety of the invested funds. In case of ICO’s non-compliance with the established obligations or its unreasonable failure to meet the deadlines, the reserved funds are returned.

For projects

Allows to confirm the intention of the start-up ICO to create a completely finished product, which was announced at the start of the campaign and to increase the attractiveness of the project for conservative Investors who have high investment's protection requirements.

For experts

Offers the opportunity to provide their services as an Escrow agent, enhance their reputation and experience and to become a member of the growing community of experts in ICO escrow sphere.