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About Us

Our Mission

LetKnow is here to help, explain and promote!

We strive to facilitate the communication between real and digital world, bring investment and new users to the cryptocurrency market.

Our team got together having made a deep cryptocurrency and blockchain market research. We have discovered that there is a huge gap on the edge of the real and the digital world. The “digital world” is filled with exciting challenges, opportunities and profitable ventures. On the other hand, just a few, those who own a specific knowledge and technology, have access to it. All in all, the digital world lacks widely available and accessible tools, ordinary people could use to enjoy all the benefits of the modern era and, thus, create a critical mass for the digital world expansion.

Once we open-up to the people of the World, the millions will join the game, digital transactions will inevitably become more down to earth, simple and accessible. Cryptocurrency market will come out of the shadow and expand on a global scale.

We have decided to contribute to this process and launch the LetKnow cryptocurrency trading platform. The ultimate goal is to build a sophisticated ecosystem for trading and communication, which could help to clear the gap and bring two parallel realities closer to each other.

In the LetKnow we Know how to give a digital currency a sense and feel of the real money in your pocket wallet!

About Us

According to the research published at in April 2018, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges has exploited. The overall number has outgrown 500 and keeps rising. Nevertheless, the high quantity does not necessarily convert into the high quality. The are many shortcomings, new cryptocurrency exchanges solve partially if at all.

Major concerns of consumers of cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Security issues
  • High trading fees
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Poor customer support
  • Lack of crypto pairs
  • Not user-friendly interface

Those are just a few to mention. Most exchange platforms address just some of them, which leads to unhappy clients, low trading volumes and poor scalability.

LetKnow Solution

We have created a totally new comprehensive trading ecosystem with LetKnow trading platform in its heart. LetKnow is a top-notch cryptocurrency trading solution with high liquidity and a wide variety of trading tools suitable for beginners as well as for trading gurus. LetKnow ecosystem provides a wide variety of tools both for personal and business usage.

What we offer:

  • A thought-through user-friendly interface
  • Marginal trading tools
  • Fiat currency pairs will increase cryptocurrency exchange platform liquidity
  • API for seamless integration with any legacy system
  • LetKnow Escrow service to prevent bad practice deals and fraud
  • LetKnow Wallet to enable flowless cryptocurrency exchange and payments
  • LetKnow Messenger for instant and secure communication

LetKnow Ecosystem

LetKnow ecosystem is intended to offer a wide variety of tools to facilitate cryptocurrency application in the real world.

Information and Communication

  • LetKnow News – cryptocurrency information portal
  • LetKnow Messenger – mobile messenger integrated with the LetKnow trading platform
  • LetKnow Net – blogging forum


  • LetKnow Trade – cryptocurrency trading platform
  • LetKnow Exchange – instant cryptocurrency exchange service
  • LetKnow Wallet – multicurrency digital wallet
  • LetKnow Crypto BB – cryptocurrency trade advertisements board


  • LetKnow ICO Processing – a comprehensive tool for ICO projects
  • LetKnow Advertising – commercial board
  • LetKnow Pay – cryptocurrency payment gateway
  • LetKnow Escrow – security tool

LetKnow ecosystem tools are closely integrated with each other allowing to reduce access points for our users and enable the client base expansion - user of each LetKnow service can easily get access to any other LetKnow service.

Escrow Service

Transactions with cryptocurrencies are irreversible . This causes some serious issues for ecommerce. The Buyer risks not getting their money back in case the purchase has to be returned. LetKnow Escrow service protects trade parties in case one of them fails to meet the terms of the trade agreement. LetKnow takes a role of a mediator in a trade deal and reserves funds for trade parties on transit addresses, thus protecting them from a potential risk.


  • Seller/Buyer looks up the LetKnow BB for Buy/Sell advertisements and initiates a communication with the advertiser.
  • In case the Sell/Buy trading terms are accepted by the counterparty, a trade proposal is generated and the deal is considered blocked. Advertiser is no longer allowed to change the trade deal terms.
  • The LetKnow Escrow generates Transit Addresses for trade parties. Transit Addresses are used to transfer funds. Funds are being reserved on a Transit Address until the trading parties complete the deal.
  • Once the Buyer transfers the funds and provides the proof to the Seller, the Seller releases the object of the sale, thus giving the order to the Escrow to release the object of the purchase to the Buyer.

The LetKnow commission is split between trade parties evenly. See Commission for more details. In case the deal is not completed, the funds are being returned to the Seller. In case either of the trade parties does not meet the trading terms, the other party may file a Complaint. See Complaint for more information.

Our Fees

It is free of charge to register user account, buy and/or sell on the LetKnow Board. If you place an ad, you will be charged a commission of 1% of the trade deal amount for each settled deal.


You place a Sell ad for 0.1 BTC. In case you settle the deal, your Deal Wallet will be charged 0.101 BTC. You place a Buy ad for 0.1 BTC. In case you settle the deal, your Deal Wallet will be credited for 0.09 BTC.

Any wallet transaction is subject to a standard Blockchain commission. It is free of charge to register and use LetKnow personal Wallets. We take no commission for transactions on your wallets.


Address: 22/59 Moo8, Paklok, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand
Phone: +66 76 620040